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Milan Sides Reveal Plans for New Stadium & Shopping Complex Worth Over €1.2bn

Milan and Inter have announced their plans to replace the San Siro stadium which is full of symbols with detailed “technical and economic surveys” which have been submitted to the city of Milan for the “Milan Stadium”.

In a statement on their official website, Milanese and FC International have given the City of Milan a “technical and economic review of opportunities” for Milan’s new stadium and multifunctional area, a large project that will allow private investment for Milan and Milan in the San Territory Siro is more than 1.2 billion.

“The proposal to local institutions is the first official step at the club to begin a joint journey with the community to build a modern, sustainable and accessible urban area in the San Siro area around the newly built world-class stadium.”

They then revealed that although this study does not yet contain an “architectural component” after the community has registered its interest in the project, a “final plan” will be drawn up to make a method for selecting an architect from several world leaders.

In short, the club summarizes the project objectives and believes that the new San Siro region will be protected by a “new modern stadium” with a length of about 30 km. 60,000 places in the area, near Meazza ‘are there and multi-functional areas in the area, where Meazza currently offers sports, entertainment and shopping which will be a lively destination for residents, fans and tourists – day / year, creating employment is made for more than 3500 people.

For this reason, Serbian clubs are seeking private investment worth more than 1.2 billion euros, which they consider “important for the return of Milan football to the European and international football elite”.

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