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Striker Divock Origi has signed a new long-term contract with Liverpool.

Divock Origi has scored 28 goals in 97 appearances for Liverpool

Striker Diver Oregiy signed a new long-term contract with Liverpool.

The 24-year-old Belgium international signed on a 2014 five-year contract for two seasons.

But he again had a big impact on the Red final’s last match. In the Champions League semifinals, he met twice against Barcelona, ​​before he won a 2-0 victory over Tottenham.

“I always feel like staying,” said Octry. “This is something special.

The Reds paid £ 10 million to contract with Oregy after impressing the 2014 World Cup and remaining in Lille in 2014/15.

In the following two seasons, he scored 21 goals in all races for Liverpool, but struggled to overcome an ankle injury and was loaned to Wolfsburg Germany for 2017-18.

Royce had to wait until December to play his first Premiership match in 2018-1919 and win his successor in the Merseyside derby before an impressive season.

“This is a story that can only be written by football,” Liverpool coach Jürgen Klop said. “He was unsuccessful in Wolfsburg and he returned and thought about leaving.

“But he grows and grows and grows, exercises that you can see, and he scores very important goals.”

“Now he’s an amazing player again, so it’s nice to have it.”

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